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I’m a great admirer of creativity and especially when it comes to cinema. It takes a great deal of brains to keep people entertained for at least 90 minutes; especially me. But that said, a trend is coming up that’s really raising concerns in my point of view. It’s one thing to make a movie based on a Bible story, but another to completely twist the story and change the whole story and meaning.

The first example that I’ll give is Darren Aronofsky‘s 2014 movie that seeks to tell the story of Noah and the flood. According to the Bible, the story behind the flood was the evil that had plagued the world and God’s regret for having made man. Only Noah was righteous man and God chose to save him from His wrath. That said, I don’t recall anywhere stone giants were mentioned, or another person that got in to the ark apart from Noah’s family. But the movie has all that. Also the name of God is really cautiously used if not at all.

Now another movie has been released this year; Exodus Gods and Kings. It’s supposed to tell the story of Moses and the liberation of the Israelites from the 400 years of slavery in Egypt. The story has been told but the attempt to give a more detailed account has completely led to the creation of a whole new story. From the conversations between God and Moses, The plagues, the depiction of God as a young boy…. and all these leaves me wondering.

If eventually all the bible stories are made into movies in this manner, will our kids know the real bible? Will Christianity still mean the same thing it meant when the disciples first received the Holy Spirit? What happened to the good old movies like The Ten Commandments, Jesus of Nazareth and the likes of those?

….to be continued…


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