Death is a painful thing for the bereaved but possibly the best rescue from the pains of this world-probably because I have never died and lived to tell the story. But that is not my point today.

I attended a funeral yesterday and it got me thinking a lot. In the midst of the tears, messages of condolence and everything that has to do with funerals, one thing stood out for me- the legacy the departed left behind. People with testimonies of how their lives were transformed stood to speak. Some attributed their educational success to the departed. Others talked of the generosity, kindness and love; and many more. Truly, that was a life well lived and I couldn’t help but ask myself, when all is said and done, will mine be a life well lived? 

In our lives, our main goal seems to me to make tomorrow better than yesterday. We work hard at school to get the best grades so as to land a great job. Even then, after landing the job, we go back to school to upgrade our resumes and hopefuly get that promotion. We buy a home and a car, get married and have kids. Then the struggle to make it better intensifies. We start a side-hustle business to get that extra cent. Take the kids to the best schools, save up for retirement, watch our kids become independent and move out to start their lives, in the same cycle as we. We retire(that is if we are blessed to live that long), spend the rest of our days waiting for the innevitable, and when it happens, well, I can’t say what happens after because, like I said, I have never died and lived to tell the story.


On the last day above ground, people cry, some just stare and talk. But my question is, why do they cry? What do those that talk say? For those left behind, what do you live behind?

The greats of this world, the likes of Nelson Mandela, Mother Teresa, Margaret Mathai, Dr. Miles Munroe and the rest are not remembered for how they died but for the works they did in their days on this beautiful place called earth. The movements they started, the lives they touched, people they helped….

Now when you die, what is it that you’ll want to leave behind? Is it a bankload of money being fought for? Or acres of land full of possession issues? Is a struggling family without a breadwinner or a homeless widow regretting ever meeting you? Will people cry in regret of the untapped potential in you that will never be realized? Or will they cry bitter-sweet tears, celebrating a life well lived and the loss of a great person? I now know what I would like to live behind.

In conclusion, the book of Mark chapter 8 verse 37 asks the most critical question of all;  What good will it be for someone to gain the whole world, yet forfeit their soul? Or what can anyone give in exchange for their soul?

Think about is.

Signing out,



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  1. This one did leave me thinking…. And now I too know what I want to leave behind…

    Awesome piece


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