It’s that time of year when everyone apparently deepest in love with their special someone and I felt I have to share my feelings about the day and the events surrounding it.

Am I a believer? Yes and no. I believe in love. I believe it’s the greatest gift of God to man. I believe it’s the greatest thing for two to share.. Do I believe in this Valentine’s day craziness? NO I DON’T. No need to ask me why; I’ll explain anyway..

I do not believe I Valentine’s day for these reasons:
1. Who said that the only day you can buy roses and chocolate for your loved one is on the 14th of February? Why not 23rd May or some other random day of the calendar? Even better, why not every day?
2. What is the real story behind the day?
3. If I love someone, I’ll spend each day showing them what they mean to me; not waiting for that one day to do it.
4. I’m a realist, not a fanatic. I don’t do stuff just because everyone else is doing it. To show you love I’ll wait for they oddest and least predictable time and place. That’s just me.

Now, besides my reasons for my unbelief, I have sentiments that I believe many out there can relate to. For starters, the fact that everything is just so expensive on Valentine’s- from jewelry, to food in restaurants. Is it that people also get more money and I’m the only one left out? Or ambition the only one who gets things at double price? No kidding, I went to get my cologne and it’s price had doubled. I have to stay without till this madness is over.

Another sentiment, and this goes out to my yet-to-be-married brothers and sisters who will take advantage of this to indulge in activities that are contrary to religious morals,and even cultural ones. Don’t roll your eyes at the screen as you read this and yet you know I’m telling the truth (unless you’re guilty).

I could go on forever but I need to concentrate on other things. But my opinion is this. If you love someone, show them every day. Buy then chocolate every Tuesday. Send roses to them every Thursday. Send them a lovely message every 3 hours. Pray for them always. And love them with the love of Christ – be ready to give up everything, even lay down your life for them.


©E. Karanja


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