Poverty? Or is it…….

On my drive to work I saw something that got me thinking; is it right for someone with all limbs, eyes, ears and brain functioning properly to go begging in the streets at 6am for handouts? I am not hating on the poor because I know it’s not by choice for some, but some characters just tick me off.

Allow me to explain: I am sitting on the passenger seat of my friend’s car(she was so kind to give me a lift to work) then this lady comes to my side of the window and taps on it. I lower it and notice that she has a baby strapped to her back with a leso. She opens her mouth and utters, “Uncle nisaidie 20 bob nikanunulie mtoto chakula. Tumelala njaa.” I’m not shocked by the fact because I know what it means to lack; but by the pungent smell that comes from her mouth. In my head I go,”You slept hungry but definitely not thirsty,”

Now, on the other side of town is a shoe-shiner who does a marvelous job like all shoe-shiners in town, but what makes  him stand out from the rest is the fact that he is visually impaired(or blind for the layman). He doesn’t rely on handouts from passers-by but chooses to earn his daily bread; and a decent living does he make from that.

This then leads to my question, what makes an able-bodied person go begging for handouts and one with disability work against the odds to make a living, no matter how small it may be? Why does one person trek all the way from Kibera to the Industrial area for a job they are not sure about and another walks all the way to to town with a plastic bowl to ask for handouts? Are some people built to work and others to beg?

I have nothing against begging-its the only solution for some; but if you are able-bodied and nit in pain, go work and earn your living. Let those that genuinely need the help do the begging. The scripture, in the book of Proverbs tells about the ant. So tiny but works so hard.

As my motto states, as a man thinketh in his heart, so is he. So if you consider yourself poor and hopeless, then poor and hopeless shall you be. I may not have a bank account overflowing with millions (yet) but I consider myself rich. And lso should anyone with the hope for a brighter future.

© E. Karanja


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