Not to sound cocky but I can proudly say I have an amazing woman, the best I could ask for – understanding, caring, loving and with the occasional tantrums and drama…perfect. But that doesn’t make me oblivious of the fact that some of my brothers out there cannot say the same thing.

I was talking to a lady friend of mine the other day(let’s call her Linet) and I asked her why, with all her beauty, she was still single and her answer was simply,”I have not yet found the perfect man. This aroused my curiosity about what constitutes The Perfect Man which subsequently let to a prolonged dialogue.

“Well,” she started, “the perfect man is one who has a stable job, drives an European car, has time for me, doesn’t cheat, is good with the kids, buys me gifts, doesn’t have a kitambi …..” and on and on she went. It got me thinking a lot about the expectations our ladies have and, well, I’m concerned for the brothers.

I have nothing against ladies and neither am I a chauvinist but I wonder how come so many haven’t heard the phrase that “none is perfect but God alone”. A sinless perfect man can only exist in two places: one’s fantasy and a Spanish novella. Let’s get real for a moment; has anyone ever met a Perfect man?

If there be one please show me that I may learn from him. Otherwise, sisters, y’all need to learn something called compromise and tolerance and embrace the 1Corinthians 13 kind of love.

PS: This is not an excuse for us (men) to be jerks.

©E. Karanja


About Eddy Karanja

Programmer, writer and motivational speaker who's not afraid to tell things as they are.

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