I get into a matatu to go to town for some errands, that happened to be playing some loud dancehall music. Not that I’m a fun, because that’s one of the genres I can’t stand; (I’m into the laid back genres of music- neo-soul, Gospel hip-hop and worship are my  type of music.) and normally I prefer to listen to the music I have saved on my phone..
but I decided to listen.
The 14″ screen at the front of the passenger area was showing the videos and what I saw got me wondering. I know you’re no angel to know what I saw so I’ll explain.
Well the song playing had a give jumpy beat but the lyrics were in a language I couldn’t understand, performed by a deep-vocaled guy, but That’s not that caught me. The video was the one. I remember this scene where this girl in an outfit that barely covers a thing is vigorously shaking her ‘goodies’-you know that I mean- and the camera really focuses on those parts.
Not my point but the recent banning of some local music videos from playing like Sauti Sol’s ‘Nishike among others got me thinking.

Why do we claim that videos shot locally by our local artistes containing skimpy scenes are obscene and yet we give so much airplay to foreign ones with worse imagery? Are we protecting our youth and kids from seeing people they know doing the scene and saying that it’s OK for them to see foreigners at it? What’s the difference?

Why don’t we stop this hypocrisy and either allow or ban all “immoral” videos from playing in our air waves? Because immoral is immoral, whether local or foreign.

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